Jerome Shadow-God Sanders
Male feminists: Men like me are so oppressive to women, just for being men.
Me: No you're no...
Male feminists: All women need feminism.
Me: No I don...
Male feminists: Everyone needs feminism so that men stop oppressing women.
Me: Quite forcing your label on me. I don't need feminism.
Male feminists: Shut up you don't know what you need, I will speak for you.
Me: You're an idiot.


Can feminism Stop Rape? OF COURSE NOT!

Upon digging into feminism one can find that a major backbone of the movement is stopping rape. I don’t need to dive into “rape culture” and the other buzzwords to tell you stopping rape is impossible. no matter how much you guilt trip all men for having penises, no matter how far you sink fangs into media, RAPE CANNOT BE STOPPED.

men and women are born with the ability to commit crime, rape included. what suppresses the will to commit these crimes is moral integrity. rapists have no moral integrity, and just as you can’t force a MtF tranny into identifying with his sex part you can’t force moral integrity into someone without it. If you could there’d be no crime.

To sum it up, men don’t rape, women don’t rape, rapists rape and won’t stop raping.

you’d have to hammer this into their heads to get them to understand.

you’d have to hammer this into their heads to get them to understand.

"Welcome to Tumblr" It’s funny because it’s true.

If you’re fortunate enough to not have seen the recent tumblr shitstorm I’m going to pull you in.

Recently a video titled “welcome to tumblr” came out and openly mocked the ANTI-CIS OMG MUHSOGYNY TRIGGER WARNING tumblr horde. How do these idiots respond? by proving the video right of course!

it’s pathetic how hard the LGBTQRSTUVs on tumblr is competing to be the victim. 


shitstorm explained: 

Are women oppressed?

well lets see, the have each and every right guaranteed under the constitution, the right to sue anyone who denies their constitutional rights, and aren’t legally forced into any way.

I’d have to say no, the real question is why are feminists such spoiled brats? 


My bullshit senses are tingling

It’s a hypothesis dear, but your deep, logical, and well thought out response will make me rethink my standpoint.

Are Feminist jealous of men?

I’ve always  synonymised modern day feminism with victim complexes, and while that is a good chunk of the equation (especially on the subject of rape.) I’ve noticed another factor: Jealousy. 

think about it, what exactly are modern day women been fighting against?

male dominant subculture, and ”male privilege”.

But how are any of these things problems?

They aren’t.

You see the only reason women have problems with these things is because they don’t belong to them. Women have the exact same freedoms as men however they don’t have male dominant subcultures pandering to them and they don’t have “,male privilege” (which isn’t a real thing in first world countries.). Looking at feminists protests and recent acts you can easily see instead of getting “equality” they simply want to put men beneath them. They envy the superiority that their inferiority complex+vanity attributes to men. It’s like when a young child sees their sibling receive a new toy that they want. They create reasons why their sibling should not have the toy, demonize the sibling to make him seem unworthy of the toy and when called out for their lust they blame the sibling for having the toy.

To sum it up feminists don’t want “gender equality" they simply want what men "have" solely because men "have" it, and if the tables were flipped they’d happily keep their misandrist mouths closed.


I’ve been told before that all non feminist have no right talking about feminism because non feminist will never understand unless they agree, and I agree. I also believe all zoologist should be fired because humans have can never understand animals unless they are also animals….

I’ll keep that in mind and thank you for the feedback.

I don’t need feminism because the old feminism that actually gave rights to women is dead and it’s now populated by crazy militants that are jealous of men.